Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

Phase ii lasted four weeks feedback to managers the

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Unformatted text preview: trol period. Phase II lasted four weeks. Feedback to Managers The third phase was characterized by explicitly training managers on how to use and understand the real-time feedback dashboard. Until the third phase, operations managers were not personally engaged and trained on how to use the feedback, though nothing was preventing them from viewing the dashboard on their workstations and via the overhead monitor if they were curious during Phase II. The hypothesis was that electricity waste would decline further than in Phase II. Phase III lasted two weeks. 3 The reported amount of waste electricity in this study is likely conservative because in the case of ovens E and C and ovens D and F, we could not separate the electricity use of the two ovens. Therefore, if an item was put into oven E, like in Figure 5-10 for example, the wasted power (approximately 30 kW) from continuing to heat an empty oven C was not captured 4 The "car equivalent" is the equivalent number of cars in a given day it takes to produce the amount of CO 2 that is required to produce a given amo...
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