Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

The eet also helps to develop the energy reduction

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Unformatted text preview: energy reduction and greenhouse gas emission goals for the corporation and for each Raytheon division. These divisional goals are ultimately rolled down to the facility level[1]. Aside from helping to provide strategic direction for the company on energy issues, each EET member is responsible for helping their specific division meet their energy goals. Each facility within a division has a liaison from the EET that works with the lead Energy Champion at that facility to implement energy saving programs. While each facility has one lead Energy Champion which coordinates the facility's energy saving programs, it also has department level Energy Champions that coordinate energy saving initiatives at the department level. Finally, each departmental level Energy Champion works with the motivated Energy Citizens within their area to encourage energy conscious behavior. Figure 2-3 displays Raytheon's energy management organizational structure[1]. Evilefiwrgy CQpooate &Divion Leve Emmav Leadersipg Fadiltv Level Energy nm, boi(a FnA(I Fc- leadenhip -~o~Levelt Figure 2-3: Raytheon's energy management organizational structure[1]. While this organizational structure ha...
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