Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

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Unformatted text preview: many principles with lean manufacturing, and on a practical level represents a company-wide channel for employees to receive training on process management, re-orient the business towards the end customer, work in cross-functional teams across sites, and get visibility for successful improvement projects. Energy Usage at the IADC The IA DC's primary source of energy is electricity. Electricity represents 70% of its total energy usage on a BTU basis and 89% on a cost basis. The remainder of the energy comes from natural gas, and it, is not considered in this study because of its relatively low cost and the fact that it is not generally used in manufacturing processes. The IADC had an annual electricity consumption of approximately 57,574 MWhs in 2009, which is the equivalent amount of electrical energy used by 5,126 average American homes[1]. The IADC's peak power during this period was 11,410kW, occurring in mid August[1]. Since the IADC is such a large user, it negotiates its rates directly with its electricity provider. However, for purposes of this thesis, we u...
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