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Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

The process is much faster and can create a higher

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Unformatted text preview: chanical and electrical connection. The process is much faster and can create a higher quality product than manual soldering of components[45, 46). CCA has two different high volume wave solder machines, each of which contains approximately half a ton of molten tin/lead solder. Define For this piece of equipment, operators and SMEs determined that there was potential Type Two overprocessing muda due to electricity being used to keep the solder molten during production down times. Specifically, the wave solder machines were typically utilized only by first shift operators, and during downtime on nights and weekends the solder pot heating elements were engaged such that the solder in the tank remained molten even while the machine was idle. The DMAIC wave solder project goals were thus to determine whether there could be any electricity savings achieved by shutting down the wave solder machines during nights and weekends, while still maintaining product quality, production schedules, and equipment integrity. There was particular concern by operators around the effects of allowing the solde...
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