Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

These vbs dashboards developed in the labview

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Unformatted text preview: aytheon locations. These VBS dashboards, developed in the LabView graphical development environment from National Instruments, provide real-time, objective production information in a format and context that enables real-time decision making by all employees in the facility including managers and frontline employees[40]. VBS dashboards are displayed on about 80 flat screen monitors throughout the IADC in hallways, offices, the dining center, and on the factory floor. Each monitor, which are usually placed in highly visible locations, will continually cycle through critical dashboards chosen by local manufacturing cells. In addition, there are 3,832 installations of VBS on the workstations of manufacturing employees (represented employees, cell leaders and senior managers) which allow any employee to use dashboards at their convenience. Approach - Feedback Dashboard Optimizing the user interface design of an industrial electricity use feedback system was not the main topic of this research. Instead, a good faith effort was made to adhere to the recommended design principles for such feedback in the literature, but given the time constraints, we were not able to follow the iterative approach necessary to optimize design given user interface design criteria a...
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