Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

These norms were critical in supporting movement

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Unformatted text preview: critical in supporting movement beyond Level 0 in the energy management maturity model. Research into common features of areas and cells that strongly support energy efficiency goals could prove very fruitful when attempting to execute on Level 0 goals of employee engagement. This type of research also naturally dovetails with the problem of aligning incentives, power and accountability which is a major general management challenge for achieving greater energy efficiency. 6.5 Summary The principles of energy management can be successfully applied to programs designed to improve energy efficiency of manufacturing processes, and can produce significant value to companies in the form of cost reductions. Many of the current barriers that exist to execution can be addressed through the application of proven process management techniques, with additional savings achievable through refining the capital allocation process in terms of right-sizing equipment. Companies seeking to implement such programs should proceed in stages, with the first phase, creating engagement on behalf of employees, enabling all subsequent phases. Manufacturing manager...
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