Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

This experiment was done in a manufacturing area that

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Unformatted text preview: done in a manufacturing area that had participated in the first phase of the initiative, but had not previously used best practice approaches. In addition, the experiment was performed within the confines of a "season" of the Lean Olympics. In this way, we were able to assess the effect of introducing best practices while controlling for team members, equipment and study duration. While there may have been learning effects based on the previous phase of research within the group (conducted in Fall 2009), these effects are assumed to be counterbalanced by the fact that the subjects were unable to submit ideas based on previously identified "low-hanging fruit". Additional details of this study environment can be found in Section 5.1. The second field experiment, measuring the impact of introducing real-time feedback, proceeded in several phases within a different manufacturing cell in the IADC. As explained in more detail in Section 5.2, the cell had been chosen based on willingness to participate, along with the relatively high level of energy intensity in their process and its relative process simplicity.'...
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