Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

Tom jackson and the eco team including mark

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Unformatted text preview: Team. Tom Jackson and the ECO team including Mark Emery,.Maybelle Nichols, and Jim Tokarz. Also, Lou Varrichione and the whole OERC. The learning I got from those I spent time with at Raytheon went far beyond how to correctly calculate power on a three phase circuit and I am deeply indebted to the company for giving me access to all their resources. I also thank Sarah Slaughter and Dan Whitney, my academic advisers, for invaluable advice and guidance over the course of the internship and beyond, and helping me finally wrap my head around this project. Thank you to my LGO classmates (past and present), and especially Natallia Pinchuk for being my sustainability partner in crime, Mike Norelli for blazing the way for this internship, and Steve Lee for helping me get through my ill-advised wedding-related yogurt diet during lunches at the company cafeteria. Thank you to Don Rosenfield and the LGO program for creating such a great learning environment. The past two and a half years has been both a deeply challenging and personally expanding experi...
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