Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

Whether that is a result of removal of the visual

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Unformatted text preview: ether that is a result of removal of the visual feedback or for some other reason is unknown. 2-Auai I Aug14. AUR 5-Aug Oven E Heaters Exhaust Fan Circulator Blower BoosterPump 6&Amn 9-Aug| u9ui a 10.Aug| 11-Aug tO-SAul 511Agl 12-Au | 12 Aug 1-Au g Oven D Heaters Exhaust Fan CirrulatorBlower Booster Pump C Oven Heaters ExhaustFan Circulator Blower Oven A Heaters E haust Fan x Circulator Blower Booster Pump OvenG Heaters Exhaust an F Circulator Blower Booster Pump =# Figure 5-12: The Oil Room oven audit checklist developed by cell management. It is likely that this field experiment suffered from the Hawthorne effect The Hawthorne effect is defined as when the presence of a researcher temporarily improves or modifies subject behavior simply because they are being studied [53]. This effect could explain the significant increase in waste observed in the fourth phase of the study, when the researcher was gathering data remotely rather than at IADC. 5.2.3 Management Implications The implications of the real-time feedback case study are more nuanced than the those resulting from introducing the DMAIC process to an already engaged workforce. Electricity waste reduct...
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