Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

While a variety of tools exist for the analysis stage

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Unformatted text preview: riety of tools exist for the analysis stage of six sigma improvement processes, the focus of the Tier One DMAIC process in CCA was to guide the improvement phase through identification of the equipment with the most opportunity for reducing waste. Accordingly, the main analysis tool used was a pareto chart. For example, the pareto chart shown in Figure 5-2 shows the relative contribution of different categories of equipment towards the total process load of CCA during a typical week in CCA. The sum of the electricity used by the equipment categories in Figure 5-2 is the estimate of the total process electricity used during that week. Figure 5-2 indicates that collectively the 84 test stations and the 23 floor ovens in CCA use the most process energy, collectively accounting for about 40% of the total process energy. However, the category of equipment with the third highest electricity use in CCA is from one machine the MTSA environmental chamber - implying that some machines in CCA are much higher in electricity intensity than others. In fact, o...
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