Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

While some circuit monitors are dedicated exclusively

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Unformatted text preview: ed exclusively to functional equipment categories such as lighting and the HVAC system, most others monitor high level distribution nodes within the substation, and thus tend to aggregate the data on dozens or even hundreds of equipment loads2 Discussion The methods of electricity measurement listed are far from exhaustive, but were the primary methods used for this thesis. Table 4.1 displays the features of each approach. In general, the less expensive, less capable meters were used to measure low-power, low complexity equipment, while the more expensive meters were used to measure high power, high complexity equipment. In all, the electricity usage of 64 pieces of individual equipment was measured using portable meters or estimated using other techniques during the study period, including eight weeks of data logging during continuous operating time for eight high energy intensity pieces of equipment. In addition, the previously installed network of circuit monitors and Enercept meters provided an additional two years of raw energy consumption data for analysis. 4.2.2 Other Data A variety of other dat...
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