Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

With cca senior leadership the cca energy team

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Unformatted text preview: dership, along with facilities electrical engineers, we defined the problem as wasted process electricity in the area, and set a primary goal of reducing process electricity use of CCA without disrupting the production schedule and keeping expenses low. Having only aggregate information of the existing electricity usage of the area on the substation level (which included electricity used by processes, support and other areas), we did not specify a reduction target, though it was generally agreed that a 5% annual reduction would be satisfactory, while 10% would be excellent. In terms of absolute amounts, that translates into a reduction of about 7,395kWh/week ($1,035/week) or 14,790 kWh/week ($2,070/week) for the area under study. During this stage, we also defined the production cycle of CCA to be a week, so most analysis is reported in terms of weekly totals. The definition of "wasted process electricity", especially in the context of lean manufacturing, deserves a brief discussion. Of the seven types of muda, or "deadl...
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