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G EOGRAPHY 101, S ECTIONS F ALL 2007 W RITTEN A SSIGNMENT G UIDELINES (50 P OINTS ): S EE S YLLABUS FOR D UE D ATE G OALS The primary goal of this exercise is to give each student the opportunity to explore some of the wide-ranging sources of geographic information on the worldwide web and at the university library. In the process of conducting research on the geographic characteristics of a specific country, you will be asked to think about many geographic concepts that we will consider throughout the course. You MUST follow these guidelines. G UIDELINES 1. Choose one contemporary country in AFRICA . 2. Collect information about the geographic characteristics of the country from current sources (web-pages are great resources for the most up-to-date information, but recent atlases and books can also be useful). 3. Prepare a concise written summary of your research (maximum 3 pages) that briefly addresses each of the issues below. You must include the following information in your summary
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