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The replacement fertility rate a measures the

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Unformatted text preview: replacement fertility rate A. measures the incidence of clinical fertility treatments B. is the rate at which sperm is replaced within the male reproductive system C. is the number of births per woman needed to maintain a stable population D. none of the above 15. The fertility rate in Canada A. has been falling on average over the past thirty five years B. is currently below its replacement level C. is at least partly influenced by non-parenting opportunities for women D. all of the above 16. Childcare policy is relevant to economic growth and productivity A. because home-based childcare provides a better learning environment than institutional daycare B. because the children of today are the workers of tomorrow C. because childcare choices and labour supply choices are closely related D. both B and C 17. If a currency appreciates against the US dollar (USD) it means that A. it takes more units of that currency to buy one USD B. it takes fewer units of that currency to buy one USD C. it...
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