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It takes fewer us dollars to buy one unit of that

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Unformatted text preview: takes fewer US dollars to buy one unit of that currency D. none of the above 18. The Euro is the currency of A. all of Europe B. all members of the European Union C. some members of the European Union D. all countries of Europe except the United Kingdom 19. Data on a particular statistic (such as government spending) for different countries in a given time period is called A. times series data B. cross-section data C. pooled data D. statistical difference data 3 20. Government outlays as a percentage of GDP in Canada in 2007 were around A. 20% B. 40% C. 60% D. 80% 21. Government outlays in Canada as a percentage of GDP over the past 25 years A. have been rising on average B. have been falling on average C. have stayed more-or-less constant D. have been consistently above government receipts 22. Key roles of the public sector include A. public good provision B. wealth redistribution C. property rights and law enforcement D. all of the above 23. The legal minimum wage in British Colombia is A. $6 pe...
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