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The impossibility of admitting all possible

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Unformatted text preview: ibility theorem is A. the impossibility of admitting all possible preferences into the social choice rule. B. the impossibility of identifying relative intensity of preference. C. the impossibility of interpersonal utility comparisons. D. Both B and C. 11. “If individuals are altruistic then there is only one Pareto efficient allocation”. True or false? A. True. B. False. 12. “Political pressure will always force society towards a more-or-less equal allocation of wealth”. A. True. B. False. 13. An indifference curve A. is a locus of allocations about which the individual has no interest. B. is a locus of allocations that all provide the same level of happiness to the individual. C. plots happiness for an individual against her money holdings. D. None of the above. 13 14. The “veil of ignorance” A. is a metaphor for not knowing what the future might bring B. is a construct created by John Rawls C. can be used to motivate an egalitarian approach to social justice D. All of the...
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