Reportyoursuspicionsto yoursupervisororhigher

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Unformatted text preview: s and shortages Case Study Case Study • Cash thefts • One person responsible for collection, recording, deposit, reconciliation • Employee was trusted • Resume had omissions • Employee was pleasant, quiet and nice Case Study Case Study Travel theft • Double Dipping/Triple Dipping • Embellishment of expense • Excessive mileage • Tips included • Free lunch Suspected Fraud ­ What should Suspected Fraud ­ What should You Do? • Report your suspicions to ­ Your supervisor or higher ­ Internal Control Officer ­ Dividsion Vice President ­ “Silent Witness” program • Written report preferred but not necessary • Confidentiality is maintained Contd…. Contd…. • Do not question the person • Do not investigate thematter on your own • Follow Fraud Policy Formal Inquiry Fraud Team Established ­ Vice Presidents/Senior Administrator ­ The Legal Counsel ­ Internal Control ­ Human Resources Formal Inquiry Formal Inquiry IC ­ coordinator • Notifies the Senior administrators. • Coordinates legal arrangements between the • Ensures appropriate reports are prepared and distributed Administrators, AG and others) Internal Control Inte...
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