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Unformatted text preview: ation • Little or poor Applicant screening ­ unqualified appointments ­ dishonest employees •Inconsistent application of policies or procedures ­ may result in unfair treatment of employees ­ favoritism ­ low morale Management Encourages Fraud Management Encourages Fraud Inadequate training • Not listening to employees ­ treatment of whistleblowers • Weak Enforcement Policy • We’ll get them to resign ­ the problem will go away – Lets Make a Deal – Favoritism/Special Treatment • Break accounting and policy rules ­ “Too Much Bureaucracy” Management Encourages Fraud Management Encourages Fraud •Goals and objectives neither established nor monitored for success •No written policies or procedures ­ low priority for the establishment of internal controls ­ no separation of duties ­ inadequate cash controls ­ documents ­ inadequate physical security for assets and records ­ no independent inventory of assets ­ recording and review of overage...
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