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Unformatted text preview: it Types of Fraud Payroll fraud Types of Fraud Principal agents Pyramid schemes Unsolicited letter frauds Types of Fraud Principal agents Types of Fraud Pyramid schemes Types of Fraud Unsolicited letter frauds Types of Fraud Debit card fraud Elements of Forgery False making Material alteration Ability to defraud Intent to defraud False making The person must have taken paper and ink and created a false document from scratch. False making False document Created by handwritten, typewritten, computer generated, printed, or stamped. Material alteration The person must have taken a genuine document and changed it in some significant way. Material alteration By using Birth certificates Material alteration By using drivers’ licenses Ability to Defraud The document or writing has to at least look genuine enough to fool people. Ability to Defraud Forgeries of completely silly things, like titles to swamp land, deeds to land on the moon, or a license to kill, do not qualify as having the apparent ability to fool most people. Intent to defraud The specific state of mind for forgery does not require an intent to steal, only an intent to fool people. The person must have intended that other people regard something false as genuine. A forgery is complete upon having created such a document with this requisite intent. Forgery Detection Tools Use of Microscope Use of ultraviolet lamp Use of magnifying glass or magnifier Use of Plastic test plate (Used for checking of Currency notes) Transmitted light box (it is like X­Ray reader, having the top surface made of transparent) Spet who can Spet who can identify Forgery Mint Master Handwriting Experts Forensic Laboratories Examiner of questioned documents Factors that Cause Fraud & Forgery Greed Bad society False status Lack of moral values Lack of Internal Control Socio­Economics Factors Non attendance of parents Fraud Prevention Fraud Prevention Fraud prevention, not detection or investigation, helps organisations to reduce the costs associated with fraud. Fraud Prevention programs Fraud Prevention programs Prevention programs are designed to educate employees about the seriousness of the problem and what to do if they suspect fraud. Fraud...
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