Lecture 1 - Power

Subvert squash them this is the power of the lower

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Unformatted text preview: ill stop bullets (charisma)- descended directly from god- no one can prove you wrong= if you can induce enough awe, then this is a powerful form of power- not many anymore rule on this- - B obeys A bc it has always been that way- (tradition) - B obeys a bc the order is legal or (rational)- I was made leader through a legal process that we both play by (constitution) that says whoever has this position is entitled to obedience Second face of power- negative, power or power of non decisions The power to block ,derail. Subvert, squash them- this is the power of the lower level bureucrats The power not to act- to prevent things Face of this power Is invisible, therefore, non measureable negative power may be indirect and broad and therefore not traceable to specific actions a has power bc he creates or reinforced social and political values Third face of power about manipulation of wants and beliefs- advertising and propaganda how do people come to believe the things they behave and want the things they want- preferences and incentives what shapes people...
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