Lecture 1 - Power

Physics despotism and dominance are easier to have

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Unformatted text preview: power in his fantasy- its not tradition because hes an usurper- but he is going to organize militarily- through the power of the hyenas Bertrand Russell on power the desire for power and glory is greater than the desire for money power in politics in as fundamental as energy in physics despotism and dominance are easier to have than democracy- as shown in the animal kingdom equal cooperation is hard and less in line with our instincts simple minded power: intended and observable, results forseen power exists when A gets b to do something that b wouldn’t otherwise b’s motives- fear, gread, death- simple both a and b make rational choices les obvious variant, authority as a form of power authority exists when a appeals to more subtle motives in b max weber- said there was three motives - B thinks A is god, has magic power, w...
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