Freedom vs Equality

customs union what is it major driver reconciliation

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Unformatted text preview: a building tool.- - isolate drivers, create short list of drivers, id the key places that embody these drivers- f- revolution of the small is the most important, smart phone c cell p- - 1. Material goode—mg0 material good, m i - omdtacoes- willingness - protectionism ends first revolutions which Is halted in 1920s- some countries removed htemdrlvrs from the wolrd- soviets - the nemy- us bc we have a thriving market for cillegal drugs- these cartels are playing in to our desires- a - globalization- willingness of nat gov to pay price- viable degree of sovereignt which protect us from the outside- EU- - controversial among populations- outcome is unknown- - the creation of the first institutions was a miracle bc Europe was in ruins- within months, Euro started talking about union- political union?, customs union? What is it?? - Major driver: reconciliation of france and Germany- the core hadto be a reconciliation- g...
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