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Freedom vs Equality

Or money supply therefore managae monetary policy hot

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Unformatted text preview: icy influenced by global pandemics- aids, ebola, TB etc Political Consequences in a globalized world, it is hard tfor a national gov to maintain essential monopolies of power- - it cant control own borders- population flows - it cannot control its own money or money supply- therefore, managae monetary policy- hot money (short term, rapid financial flows based on SR currency) - cannot protect the property of citizens- identity, intellectual - no longer controls a bounded community fo domestic insts natl govs- if cannot maintain sovereign, can it be legitimate? International Criminal Flows - flow of illicit goods and services has become overwhelming for national govs- druge, wepaons, human begins, organs- - law enforcement agencies are increasingly outgunned or penetrated international criminal groups are increasingly organized like modern businesses- use advanced communications, finan...
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