Freedom vs Equality

Realize soemthign has been created that is diluting

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Unformatted text preview: ame changed when the soviet union fell though- - Game no longer trying to acheve a balnce of Europe, but to reunify it and stop G and F hatred - In 1990- major goal- goal of common currency- Jean monnet- father of EU- - in DC during WWII- shortened the war by a year- by persuading FDR to back uk and france (Keynes_ - idea that political union hard to achieve- right way ws through economic and technical agreements- political elites would have to merge- - sent by Churchill to lobby the Us gov- us was neutral Evolution of EU wanted to gradually build up- so solid and so obviously beneficial that it would to the next step- could not go too fast- cannot let legislatures defeat it- treaty of rome est the union, create euro court of justice- the court of justice has supremacy- national courts have accepted it- have accepted it as binding over the national courts- but once union becomes so elaborate...
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