Russa and Soviet Union

loved by boris yeltsin p he showed he was pop ratings

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Unformatted text preview: no ideological tradition or loyalty basis- simply like the face of it- only exception is the communist party • little pop interest or respect • little ideological basis • mostly platforms for prominent Moscow based politics • civil society weak- bc based on regime penetration, • • active only at election time, dormant in between only exception is the comm party- kprf- not the old comm party of sovs- banned by yeltsin- then the supreme court said that the banning was unconst- and boris yeltsin rescinded the ban- comms recreated a new comm party- inherited rank and file following and ideological message- but the prob is that it has not evolved like the comm party in Europe- Russian parties do not perform the imp functions that parties do elsewhere • connecting the state to the indic, shaping and aggregating opinions and views at the local level does not take place- parties shape public opinion- • • provide training ground for new- bu...
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