Russa and Soviet Union

3 of vote despite some irregularities russia really

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Unformatted text preview: t not in Russia- and the probs with political life in Russia- most of the leading figs are old – no new opposition to putin that has a face- only place in which political parties in the past 20 years have had power is in legislature- but as putin saps legislature, the function of parties has eroded- leg is now ruled by putin’s united Russia United Russia - party of putin- to promote him0 formed in 1999- putin had come up from job in the kremlin- - loved by boris yeltsin- - P- he showed he was pop- ratings went up- this party became a platform for him- he increased the brand name- - risky experiment- two previous pro ov parties had failed to start - at height- controlled duma Putin - black belt • ascetic- not conspicuously corrupt at least initially • ambituious for revival of Russia- loves Russia really- sincere Russian patriot • he is ultimate wonk- masters his brief- knows everyone by name- excellent memory- loves detail • meets groups of people- without notes, staff- no people whisper...
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