Russa and Soviet Union

Dictator taken over tv but not really print media but

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Unformatted text preview: ing in his ears- • inspired by a teacher that caught his interest in the german lang- • native quality german- admires germ and its culture- obsession- saved him from a bad life- • cautious, keeps counsel • • calculating- temper- hates journalists- crude- left brain/right brain- KGB officer but liberal reformer- has elaborate training of police techniques and patriotism- he is proud of the sov name of the KBG- but when sov union disintegrated- became a liberal mayor- acting mayor for a hands off mayor- implemented liberal market reforms, facilitated private corps, foreign investors and behaved like a market liberal- who is the true putin- putin- got 71.3% of vote- despite some irregularities- Russia really did love him- there was no opponent that • could get him- political eucalyptus- no one can touch him or grow underneath him putin controlled the duma completely in 2008- opposition were al wiped out- • • • • 2008- ult demonstration of power- to handpick a successor- medvedev- elected by the majority- medvedev- younger fig- democratic Russia- but will turn out to be the victim – offered the post of PM- Putins reforms- hauling back power • recentralization of power- recreate central Russian state • divided country into 7 federal districts • believed disintegration fo central russ lead to humiliation and the terrible...
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