Russa and Soviet Union

Are corrupt and politicians are corrupt only

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Unformatted text preview: in principle is in charge of economic and social prez controls natl sec and foreign affaris out of kremlin Russ Judiciary • highly developed judic- but it served the state- so this apparatus not designed for preservation of human or prop rights • sov law had to be thrown out- 1990s – made property rights- a defense by the law instead of condemnation of the law- had to change whole system • had to teach the judges wha the new laws were • judges underpaid, courts underfinances- rulings not enforced- local mafia- culture didn’t respect the due process- judges under protected- susceptible to bribes and corruption • it is possible to get a fair trail- but if criminal charge- the changes are you will be • • • convicted- but in civil cases with prop rights or investors, you can get a fair trail but based on how wealthy and well connected you are really legislature what protects private prop rights in Russia- not rule of law (much) Russian parties Very weak • no mass membership at the grassroots- non joiners- believe they are corrupt and politicians are corrupt- only exception is putin- this is not an identifying factor- • mainly folliwers-...
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