Russa and Soviet Union

In white house head of exec branch governemtn prim

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Unformatted text preview: actice- hire and fire of personnale- - elections formality, barely votes- parl was a façade - control of info in hands of party apparatus- no outside info allowed - in sum: Leninist totalitarian dictatorship Russian - there is a parl that was curtailed (under putin) but not nec no party apparatus, no dictatorship- more or less an official party, but not a controlling body - no nomenclatura – list of jobs that only party members could have- not monopolized instead, broadening resources into politics- money, votes, television appeal, media revival of police power in 2000 sum- superpresidential procedural democracy Russ system - president works in the kremlin prime minister works in white house- head of exec branch “governemtn”- prim minister heads the gov- lesser person as well president is above- all branches and is the guarantor right now- temp arrangement of putin who was pres passed it to a successor and took prime minister- at this moment, power is in prime minister- but usually not – putin says fine, after first two terms step down, then renew it later- bc only allowed 2 terms- - pres controls the power ministries and foreign affairs directly - pm...
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