Russa and Soviet Union

That the sovs collapsed also moral and ideological

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Unformatted text preview: icago) that • reaffirmed the creative power of the private sector and enterprise and globalization- remove barriers of free flow of capital and goods- this movement (intellectual adventure of 2 generations) is the backwaters of the west- out of step with keynsianism of 1950s- reached high tide with marg thatcher and RR- the height of this movement that the sovs collapsed- also moral and ideological compass collapsed- in the resulting vacuum, the tsunami of enterprise and capital swept through Russia- “the market”- the magic formula that would help and solve everything- But in 1990s, things didn’t work that way- in west, we take it for granted- that we have a respected currency with rules, anti trust laws goverened by gov- state protected – but • russ had no framework, no bur or administration, no stock market- who is going to control insane competition where there were no rules Wild east capitalism was not capitalism- state structure was needed- Russians over reacted- putin able to ride this wave with popularity Strong and viable state is also needed • Diff of Russ and Sov Soviet - federal, parliamentary, centralized, and dictatorial- diff in form than in pr...
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