French he didnt realize that people were starting to

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Unformatted text preview: of nations- came back to life as soviets- Russian communists (Marxists) believed religion and nationalism is an opiate of the people- leaders tell you this to dominate you- Russians disbelieved in national identity, yet when they came back to life, they revived the russian ideals- applied the highest form of imperialism- Russian communism- pseudo federal system- reality of power belonged to Russians- but based on ideaology0 a combo of sot pseudo nation stated and a centralized communist apparatus- last formation of imperial ideal as nation- created most effective empire ever built- soviet communism The rise of modern nation states: the latest state of human political evolution: the most effective machine for the mobilization of power yet devised- the ambition of the nation state is to foster a common national identity, typically based on a uniform language the nation is an artificial creation “it is not the nation that created the state, it is the state that create the nation” farance and turkey as illustrations asia minor- filled with muslims that were refugees- as ottoman empire decayed- they were all just muslim, not even Turkish- drawn from Arabic and Persian languages- founder of Turkish repub- had to deal with the creation of a nation- he was known as the father of the turks- the language was reformed, modern technology was applied to create a new lang- Arabic and Persian words filtered out- they reached out to central asia to find some archaic trukish root to create a new word- create modern Turkish lang and identity- done through the application of state action- it isn’t the nation that makes itself, but rather the state making the nation through educational policy and heavy doses of authoritariansm ivory coast- when it gained ind in 1960- under the presedecny of someone under de Gual in france- popular- ult product of French educational system- there are 60 diff lang in ivory coast with just as much ethnic groups- he tried to create a new nation- used the same as the French- he didn’t realize that people were starting to migrate from the country above the ivory coast- migrant workers brought more lang and religion- brought islam- migrating into a place dominated politically by the south- a deeply divided nation each regime is stable for a little bit Russia vs Soviet Empire - where did soviet power come from, even though resemblance to Russian predecessor, power was way different- Why study Russia? a former empire emerging as a nation state for first time- 83% of its population of federation is ethnic Russian- and the remaining speak...
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