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Unformatted text preview: you could run this was from isolation- isolated soviet union, launched cold war- paranoid mass murderer, political genius died 1924, gave stalin his opportunity- habit of silence in political culture what or who makes a state?- Marxism says underlying movement that determine, but in actuality, the key importance is man- is there any such thing as social science? Bc every so often, a claim to rule is charisma and near religious regime- transformed the entire country- still marked by stalin- Four Core Features of the Soviet System: dictatorship of the party o 30 million members- 1/10 of population- it was a sign of membership in the adult elite of the country- membership was achieved or offered in mid to late 20s – no one would turn down offer- young octoberist, then the pioneers, then Leninist youth league o local party boss was all powerful viceroy of leadership o as grew corrupt, its slim claim to legitimacy weakened o 1 million jobs- administering propaganda, media, newpapers, educational system, all economy, military, police- this was the working core of the system autarkic command economy o total state ownership- based on proposition that you could run the economy by throing out market and supply and demand as a wasteful way of allocating goods and services and subs rational planning through math and stats, systematic allocation of goods and services through network of plants, mines, rr all owned by the state o the system planning system very effective in handful of areas in first priorities- esp building of modern military in comp with germ then US- very effective at doing this- managed to compete with U...
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