Ownership based on proposition that you could run the

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Unformatted text preview: talitarianism- built upon basis of a secular modernizing ideology- the ambition for total control of society and economy- abolition of private property compltelty- total dictatorship bhy secular party- failed though from 89 to 91, not bc the empire failed (breaking away of eastern eropeans, central Asians distanced themselves) Russians were also walking away from soviet structure, but sov failed bc totalitarian system failed Origins of a Soviet System - 1917 to 1939 late 19th to 20th century: an increasingly revolutionary atmosphere o population up, land hunger- move to factories- corrupt but ineffective bur o small, harsh conditions- labor union agitation o eve of WWI- extreme labor unrest- agitation by sots and propagandists- winning a huge following in Russia o but destroyed by WWI- revealed all weakness of tsarist system (incompetence)- huge defeats on battle field- fell completely- regime lost all following- romanovs gone coup by minority group- nov 1917 o - innefective at governing, cant prosecute the war, incapable of dealing with social revolution as peasants mad at classes o Peasants claimed alnds for themselves, soldiers went home- lapsed into anarchy o When politics radical, moderates lose o Vladmir lenin understood this- extremist ideas- Bolsheviks- civil war fought by rr- huge system- had fewer troops, but could maneuver through rr fast- Bolsh win Victory in a bloody civil war- permanent scar o Bolsheviks learn that willpower will win out- just hope and you will win, extremism and steadfastness will be rewarded o 1918 bolshevisk created an “extraordinary commission for defense against revolution” – secret policy- Cheka o tradition of arbitrary voluntarism and force- origins of police state o origins of party dictatorship: overseeing an unwilling bur o social change: Bolsheviks taken over by civil war veternas and last minute opportunists o enemies everywhere- paranoia- within each camp even- if a ruler who entertains this paranoid mood, it becomes dominant to the point where the regime sees enemies everywhere- under stalin Stalin true creator of soviet system- how to command this system through modest sounding post of :general secretary of the central committee” destroyed Russian village culture and created soviet indust empire- sent peasants to concentration camps erected iron curtain around indust empire- bc the only way...
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