Tribes and States

To states hydraulic imperialism the great empires owe

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Unformatted text preview: without doing any under- can function autonomously • frequently in competition, and fight with each other • kin based- many feuds- bc obligated to revenge- last through generations • tribes occasionally unite- and is sufficient threat, they can band together- aka the mongols • mongols- was segmentary, and could gather together under a single charismatic chief- ghengis khan- ancestor worship • fundamental- but it is different from religion=- bc ancestor is not a god- someone you might have even known- the point is that you are worshipping a chain- in china highly developed- past and future worship • a rope that stretches from infinity to infinity- the preset is the most dangerous- over the razor of the presents- your existence as a good son is necessary but it is insignificant compared to the role of the whole- huge anxiety for a male heir What is the determinator to evolve? To states…. • Hydraulic imperialism- the great empires owe existence to vast irrigation systems- earth moving projects to create these – the prospect of multiplying power calls forth these large imperial systems necessary to organize the irrigation • • • • • • Jared Diamond- in mnts of new guinea- westerners discovered settled agricultural communities that were good- said different cultures were “luck of the draw”- its not about how clever you are or how good of warrior you may be - new guinea is not a good place for plants to grow - 1. more productive land, 2. more animals suitable for domestications- very few animals can be domesticated- but in middle east, these animals were very domesticatable- Jared Diamond- foundations of inequality- pockets of farming, china rice, americans corn, Africa, millet and yams- where farming emerged, society did- but new ginea was an anomaly- thought to be uninhabited- bt oldest system of farming in world- but didn’t propel down same path of civilization- why cant produce own cargo- based on crops like taros- much more work- have to plant it one by one-...
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