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Mitotic disjunction 1 2 chromosome loss 2 mitotic

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Unformatted text preview: tion of the original abnormality abnormality Consider a fertilized Drosophila egg that is XX Consider Drosophila One of the X’s is lost during the first mitotic division This produces an XX cell and an X0 cell This peculiar and rare individual is termed a ____________. Interspecies Crosses Interspecies Complete nondisjunction can produce an individual Complete with one or more sets of chromosomes with This condition is termed ________________. A much more common mechanism for changes in much the number of sets of chromosomes is alloploidy alloploidy It is the result of interspecies crosses An allodiploid has one set of chromosomes from two An allodiploid different species different An allopolyploid contains a combination of both An allopolyploid autopolyploidy and alloploidy In two very closely related species, the number and In types of chromosomes might be very similar types The karyotype of an interspecies hybrid between the roan The antelope (Hippotragus equinus) and the sable antelope equinus and antelope (Hippotragus niger) antelope niger These two closely related species have the same These number of chromosomes that are number In addition, the chromosomes are the In same size and have similar banding patterns same Evolutionary related chromosomes from two different species are Evolutionary termed ______________ chromosomes ______________ In 1928, the Russian cytogeneticist G. Karpechenko conducted In an interspecies cross between raddish (Raphanus) and cabbage an and (Brassica) Experimental Treatments Can Promote Polyploidy Polyploidy Polyploid and allopolyploid plants often exhibit Polyploid desirable traits desirable Thus, the development of polyploids is of considerable Thus, interest among plant breeders interest The drug colchicine is commonly used to promote The polyploidy polyploidy Festuca arundinacea Lolium multiflorum Digest cell walls Cause the cells to fuse Spontaneous nuclear fusion Grow on lab media Experimental Production Experimental of Monoploids of Is homozygous for all its genes...
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