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Chapter 7-BB -intro

Coli uses nitrate no3 under anaerobic conditions

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Unformatted text preview: der Makes ATP via chemiosmosis Makes even under aerobic conditions even Fermentation Fermentation Many organisms can only use O2 as final electron acceptor Make ATP via glycolysis only Need to regenerate NAD+ to keep glycolysis running Muscle cells produce lactate Yeast make ethanol Produces far less ATP Secondary Metabolism Secondary Primary metabolism- essential for cell structure Primary and function and Secondary metabolism- synthesis of secondary Secondary metabolites that are not necessary for cell structure and growth structure Secondary metabolites unique to a species or Secondary group group Roles in defense, attraction, protection, Roles competition competition 4 categories categories Phenolics-flavonoids, tannins, lignins – Antioxidants with intense Antioxidants flavors and smells flavors Alkaloids-caffeine, nicotine, atrophine – Bitter-tasting molecules for Bitter-tasting defense defense Terpenoids-cinnamon, fennel, cloves – Intense smells and colors Polyketides –derivatives of acetyl and derivatives propionyl groups propionyl – Chemical weapons, Chemical – cancer cure...
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