Chapter 7-BB -intro

Use glycolysis while decreasing oxidative

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Unformatted text preview: osphorylation decreasing Used to diagnose cancers in PET scans Glycolytic enzymes overexpressed in Glycolytic 80% of all types of cancers 80% Caused by genetic and environmental Caused factors- mutations and low oxygen factors- Other organic molecules Other Other carbohydrates, proteins Other and fats also used for energy and Enter into glycolysis or citric Enter acid cycle at different points acid Utilizing the same pathways Utilizing for breakdown increases efficiency efficiency Metabolism can also be used to Metabolism make other molecules (anabolism) (anabolism) Anaerobic metabolism For environments that lack For oxygen or during oxygen deficits deficits 2 strategies – Use substance other Use than O2 as final electron than acceptor in electron transport chain transport – Produce ATP only via Produce substrate-level phosphorylation phosphorylation Other acceptors Other E. coli uses nitrate (NO3-) under anaerobic conditions un...
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