Chapter 4 - BB (1)

Cream the specific modifier allele ca can modify the

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Unformatted text preview: he eosin phenotype Does – ca = Cream allele Modifies the eosin color to cream The specific modifier allele, ca, can modify the phenotype of the eosinThe can but not the red-eye allele but – The eosin can be modified only when the ca allele is homozygous The The predicted 8:4:3:1 ratio agrees reasonably well with the data of The Bridges Bridges Gene Redundancy Gene knockout Gene redundancy - gene duplication - paralogs paralogs Shepherd’s purse Suppressor Mutation A suppressor mutation is a second mutation that reverses the suppressor phenotypic effect of a first mutation phenotypic – a different gene - an intergenic or extragenic suppressor different intergenic - Hairless - dominant mutant (H) - flies - no sensory bristles bristles – Suppressor of Hairless - dominant (SoH) mutation Suppressor bristles in Hairless mutant flies bristles The proteins physically interact The Participate in a common function without directly interacting interacting Can alter the amount of protein Can made by the second gene made...
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