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Move poles further away from each other other

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Unformatted text preview: s Nuclear membrane reforms to form Nuclear two separate nuclei two In most cases, mitosis is quickly In followed by cytokinesis cytokinesis Mitosis and cytokinesis ultimately Mitosis produce two daughter cells having the same number of chromosomes as the mother cell chromosomes The two daughter cells are The genetically identical to each other Barring rare mutations SEXUAL REPRODUCTION SEXUAL Sexual reproduction is the most common way for Sexual eukaryotic organisms to produce offspring eukaryotic Gametes are typically haploid Gametes haploid They contain a single set of chromosomes Gametes are 1n, while diploid cells are 2n During meiosis, haploid cells are produced from diploid cells Meiosis begins after a cell has progressed through Meiosis interphase of the cell cycle interphase Meiosis involves two successive divisions These are termed Meiosis I and II Each of these is subdivided into A tetrad A physical exchange of chromosome pieces Bivalents are organized along Bivalents the metaphase plate the Pairs of sister chromatids are Pairs aligned in a double row, rather than a single row (as in mitosis) than The arrangement is random The with regards to the (blue and with red) homologues red Furthermore A pair of sister chromatids is pair linked to one of the poles linked And the homologous pair is And linked to the opposite pole linked Meiosis I is followed by cytokinesis and then meiosis II The sorting events that occur during meiosis II are similar to The those that occur during mitosis those Mitosis vs Meiosis vs Meiosis Mitosis produces --------- diploid daughter cells Meiosis produce --------- haploid daughter cells Meiosis Mitosis produces daughter cells that are ---------------------------- Meiosis produces daughter cells that are Meiosis ------------------------------ The daughter cells contain only one homologous The chromosome from each pair chromosome Spermatogenesis Spermatogenesis The production of sperm In male animals, it occurs in the testes A diploid spermatogonium cell divides mitotically to diploid spermatogonium produce two cells produce The primary spermatocyte progresses through meiosis I The and II and The structure of a sperm includes A long flagellum A head The head contains a haploid nucleus Capped by the acrosome Capped acrosome Oogenesis Oogenesis The production of egg cells In female animals, it occurs in the ovaries Early in development, diploid oogonia Early oogonia produce diploid...
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