E why is it necessary to remove a stopper from a

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Unformatted text preview: . Why is it necessary to remove a stopper from a separatory funnel when liquid is being drained from it through a stopcock? It is necessary to remove the stopper from a separatory funnel in order for the liquid to continually flow out. Removing the stopper would release the pressure so the liquid will flow continuously. When stopper is not removed, the liquid will not drain out no matter how you manipulate the stopcock. VI. REFERENCES y Microsoft Encarta 2009 y ³Isolation of Caffeine from Tea.´Retrieved November 23,2010.http://science. csustan.edu/almy3012/caffeine.htm y ³Liquid-Liquid Extraction´ Retrieved November 23,2010.http://en.wikipedia.o rg./wiki/Sol ven_extraction y ³Solid-liquid extraction.´ Retrieved November 23, 2010. on/archivos/SkriptumExtracton y Brown, T.E, Lemay, H.E, Bursten, B.E, Burdage ,J.R. Chemistry the Central Science 9th edition Pearson Education.Singapore.2004....
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