Eventually all of the gas occupies a volume v2 on the

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Unformatted text preview: quasistatically. As a result the gas flows to the right-hand side, resisted by another piston which applies a constant pressure p2 (p2 < p1 ). Eventually all of the gas occupies a volume V2 on the right-hand side. i. Show that enthalpy, H = E + pV , is conserved. ii. Find the Joule-Thomson coefficient µJT ≡ ( ∂T )H in terms of T , V , the heat capacity ∂p 1 at constant pressure Cp , and the volume coefficient of expansion α ≡ V ( ∂V )p . (Hint: ∂T You will need to use a Maxwell relation). iii. What is µJT for an ideal gas? iv. If we wish to use the Joule-Thomso...
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