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Unformatted text preview: he results of the previous question, show that: i. ii. iii. iv. v. Cp − CV = T ∂E ∂V ∂E ∂p ∂CV ∂V ∂Cp ∂p ∂V ∂T p ∂p ∂T V ∂p −p ∂T V ∂V ∂V = −T −p ∂T p ∂p = −T =T T T 2 ∂p ∂T 2 V T ∂2V = −T ∂T 2 p T =T 1 T ∂V ∂T 2 p ∂p ∂V T 3. Consider a classical ideal gas with equation of state pV = NkB T and constant heat capacity CV = NkB α for some α. Use the results above to show that Cp = NkB (α +1), and that the entropy is S = NkB log V N + NkB α log T +...
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