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Alex 'Final journal - capitalized on the vast wealth that...

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Alex White English 111 Prof. Bryan Final Journal December 8, 2006 The Skin of a Lion Who: Patrick Lewis is a watcher, a follower, and an observer. Son of a dynamiter, Patrick does whatever he can to get by and doesn’t complain. Ambrose Small is a formerly super rich man in hiding. Alice Gull is a radical worker for the workingman. Clara Dickens is Small’s lover and near obsession of Patrick’s for a while. Nicholas Temelcoff is a bridge builder dare devil. Commissioner Rowland Harris has water on his mind. What: A story of love and work and hardship. A novel. Pros. A book. A collection of pages bound by a cover. Where: Canada, mostly Toronto, Ontario. When: 1920s Why: Patrick, being a watcher, seems to drift through his tale, although his action directs the course of the entire novel. “The years seem short/ but the days go slowly by” –The Shins. Canada in the 1920s was expanding. The booming industry made few people rich, and forced the poor to work long hours in horrible conditions. People like Ambrose Small
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Unformatted text preview: capitalized on the vast wealth that the system and hard work created, whereas the average worker enjoyed very few benefits from their hard labor. Living quarters were small, wages low. Patrick is very driven by his want for love. He was raised in a very isolated environment, which might have something to do with this, as well as Patrick’s being a watcher. The story flows like melting ice. Patrick cutting leather, talking about the smell that sticks with the dyer. So bad a wife could hardly kiss their husbands again. But, as the author assures us, there is subtle human order in the chaos. Different parts in the story fall into their place like cut vines. The sun doesn’t rise too high in the sky in Canada, but the people grow thick, tough skin, like that of a lion. The title of the story comes from a line in The Epic of Gilgamesh which is an epic poem and one of the earliest known literary works....
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Alex 'Final journal - capitalized on the vast wealth that...

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