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alex-movie review

alex-movie review - Alex White Soc 109 Prof Ford Movie...

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Alex White Soc. 109 Prof. Ford Movie Review 1 “An Inconvenient Truth”: One Told None too Soon Rarely do politicians transition their careers successfully into the movies. Our governor here in California, quite successfully managed the opposite, and this too was a rare occurrence. Former “next president of the United States” Al Gore in his film “An Inconvenient Truth” made the transition with ease, not because of his charisma, although it drastically increased since his last campaign for president, but because of his dedication to, and insight into what he views as the most pressing matter in human history: that of global warming. Mr. Gore’s film attempts to demonstrate this fact, as well as the fact that humans are most certainly responsible for it, and that it would be “deeply unethical” to allow our contribution to it to go unchecked. Gore attempts to separate the fact from the fiction in regards to this topic, and impel the people of the world to do whatever is in their power to help combat this problem. The film first lays down the background information, showing the basic scientific explanations of Global warming in a quick power point and a comical cartoon. He then dispels with a few common misconceptions, like that the earth is too big for us to have any affect on its makeup, or that it is just a natural cyclical phenomena. Following this he starts to lay down the evidence that the phenomena is indeed real, and indeed human- caused. He addresses the “arguments” of the “skeptics,” including the above
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misconceptions, all of which he attempts to show are unfounded, illogical, or both. Next
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alex-movie review - Alex White Soc 109 Prof Ford Movie...

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