68 therefore reject null hypothesis therefore there

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Unformatted text preview: took a preliminary study involving measuring the percentage of the total bill left as a tip for one randomly selected waiter and one randomly OR, selected waitress in each of 50 restaurants during a 1-week period. The hypothesize can be found in Servers.xlsx. What conclusions can be drawn from data and testhese data? t Hypotheses: whether waitresses H0: μWaiters–Waitresses = 0 earn larger HA: μWaiters–Waitresses ≠ 0 tips: p-value approach: p = 0.0003 < 0.01. critical value approach: tSTAT = –3.7 < tCRIT = –1.68 Therefore, reject null hypothesis. Therefore, there is evidence to claim that waitresses earn larger tips. To Try… 4. Researchers conducted a study to estimate the relationship between a subject’s brain activity while watching a television commercial and the subject’s subsequent ability to recall the contents of the commercial. Subjects were shown two commercials for each of ten products. For each commercial the ability to recall the commercial 24 hours later was measured. Each member of a pair of commercials viewed by a specific subject was then designated “high-recall” or...
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