Hypothesis tests market research associates

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Unformatted text preview: oclient’s product. Ha: Therefore, zSTAT.05 zα and tailed reject Hp1if–zp2 ≠ 0≤ – < Can we conclude using a 0 STAT test zα/2 or if zSTAT > zα/2 H0 is that rejected. level of significance not the proportion of households aware Example Do the data indicate a difference in the proportion of households aware of the product after the advertising campaign? Hypothesis Tests Market Research Associates Difference Between 2 Population Proportions is conducting research to evaluate the effectiveness of a p −p 1 2 zSTAT = Hypotheses: client’s new advertising test 1 1 H0: pBefore – pAfter ≥ 0 statistic campaign. A survey conducted p( − p) + 1 n n2 1 immediately pBefore – pAfter < 0 the new Ha: after STAT test statistic: Calculating z H0: p1 – p2 ≤ 0 campaign showed 120 out of 1. calculate upper Ha: p1 – p2 > 0 250Decision “aware” of the households pooled estimate: Rule: tail test client’s product. n1 p1 + n 2 p2 n After pAfter + n Before pBeforereject H0 if zSTAT &...
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