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Unformatted text preview: mple proportions to H the < p0 Ha: p1 – p2 < 0 calculate a: pstandard error, a reject H0average of < –zα reject H0 if zSTAT ≤ –zα weighted if zSTAT the sample proportions (pooled H0: p = p0 H0: p1 – p2 = 0 estimator) is calculated and Ha: p1 – p2 ≠ 0 used to Ha: p ≠ p0 standard estimate the rejectfor0 if zSTAT the test reject H0 if zSTAT ≤ – error H calculating > zα/2 statistic. STAT < –zα/2 or if z zα/2 or if zSTAT > zα/2 Hypothesis Tests about the Difference between Two Population Proportions Population Proportion test statistic upper tail test Hypothesis Tests lower tail test two-tailed test pooledp − p0 z STAT = estimator of p0 ( 1− p0 ) : 22 n p1 +n p n 1p p= n +n 1 2 Difference Between 2 Population Proportions p −p 1 2 zSTAT = 1 1 p( − p) + 1 n n2 1 H0: p ≤ p0 H0: p1 – p2 ≤ 0 These hypotheses are all with Ha: p1 – p2 > 0 respect Ha: p > p0 the to 0, implying reject H0 are equal. z these reject H0 if zSTAT > zα proportionsif zSTAT >In α cases, rather than using th...
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