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Stress three reactivestrategyshorttermimmediate

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Unformatted text preview: ccident and turnover rates Incompetent managers – largest cause of workplace stress Three Ways to Cope with Stress Three Reactive Strategy: short term immediate response Proactive Strategy: action that resists stress and improves personal resiliency Enactive Strategy: create new environment that does not contain the stressors Skill Assessment Skill Stress Management Assessment: Assess personal skill in eliminating stressors, developing resilience and employing short term coping strategies The higher the score the better at each and overall See page 168 for questions related to each skill Time Stressor Reduction Time Effective Time Management Important and Urgent Important and not­Urgent Urgent and not­Important Not­Important and not­Urgent Efficient Time Management Eliminate wasted time Skill Assessment Skill Time Management Assessment: Assess personal skill in Effective Time Management The higher the score the better at it Section II is about your activities at work, especially if you manage or have managed others Encounter Stressor Reduction Encounter Collaboration: develop close­knit group; when people feel part of something or accepted by someone stress is reduced Social/Emotional Intelligence: being able to handle others while...
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