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Unformatted text preview: also not losing sense of self Situational Stressor Reduction Situational Work Redesign Work on entire project performing a variety of tasks Work together on projects See the results of efforts (e.g. work with customers) Increase empowerment Have open feedback channels (know where you stand) Anticipatory Stressor Reduction Anticipatory Establish basic personal principles that can be used to establish priorities (see time management) and provide direction in life (terminal values) Set and work towards small achievable goals in situations where end point is unknown or where it might seem unachievable Skill Assessment Skill Type A Personality Inventory: Social Readjustment Rating Scale: High scores related to development of coronary heart disease High score associated with future stresses and accidents based on idea that the more stressors you have at one time the more likely you will not be able to handle them Sources of Personal Stress: Develop your ability to identify the major stress in your life and your perception of it (remember stress is subjectively perceived) Resiliency Resiliency Capacity to withstand or manage negative stress: personal factors (e.g. positive self­ regard) and coping skills (e.g. time management or balance in life) Physiological: cardiovascular, diet and relaxation Psychological: non­Type A; feeling in control (inner locus of control); feeling committed and involved in what one does; new experiences are challenges not dangers Social: having close relationships; having mentors; being part of a good team Meditation Temporary Stress Reduction Temporary Muscle relaxation Deep breathing Imagery and fantasy Rehearsal of situations Reframing of situations...
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