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Unformatted text preview: nal Assessment very time consuming and difficult to analyze Assessment – so will not do it so But provide some insight into values on assignment Cultural values (values of the culture we are part of) Personal values: Personal iinstrumental (desirable standards of conduct or methods of nstrumental attaining an end) – e.g. ambitious, clean, loving, responsible; terminal (desirable ends or goals) – e.g. comfortable life, sense terminal of accomplishment, inner harmony of Values Maturity Values Three levels Preconventional (self-centered): values based on Preconventional personal needs or wants; rules are obeyed to obtain rewards or avoid punishment – don’t speed because of penalties of doing so penalties Conventional (conformity): conform to rules and Conventional expectations of society; rules are obeyed because they have been learned and accepted and people seek the respect of others – don’t speed because law says so respect Postconventional (principled): values are those that have Postconventional been internalized through own experience: rules followed only if they comply with inner values – don’t speed because value human life because Cognitive Style Cognitive Knowing: Knowing: Focus: on facts, details and data; clear Focus: objective solutions; validity and credibility of data important; accuracy and precision data Liabilities: slow to make decisions, uncreative, Liabilities: resist innovation, intolerant of multiple views resist Cog...
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